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Striving 2019 GIEC held a grand evening party for the Spring Festival

Release time:2019-01-28

Cheerful farewell to the past year and laughing to welcome the new year! On January 26th, 2019, the Evening party for Spring Festival of GIEC Digital Co., Ltd, "Striving 2019", was held in GIEC industrial park. All the employees gathered together to look back on the past year and look forward to the New Year!

2018 was a year full of challenges and achievements. Facing the severe global economic situation, GIEC has been moving forward steadily with actively exploring the field of smart family, and cooperated with alibaba to work together on the future high-end smart product! In 2018, GIEC moved to the new home, the new industrial park, opening a new chapter in the development history of the enterprise!

In the meeting of 2018 work summary and 2019 planning, The GM of all departments summarized the work of 2018, and made plan sand prospects for 2019! Mr.Huang Rongtian, the chairman of GIEC, made the final speech," GIEC industrial park has been put into operation, all the hardware facilities have been upgraded. Everything is Ready Except the Eastern Wind. We must to keep on improving our R&D ability, sales ability,management ability. Every employee should be strict with themselves, and constantly strive for progress, only in this way we can set a sail, achieve greater and better results!"

The development of the company cannot be separated from the hard work of the employees. At the beginning of the evening party, Mr. Huang Rongtian, the chairman of GIEC, and other management issued the praise of "Award of best employee", "Meritorious Newcomer" and "Top Sales", to encourage GIEC employees to keep work and strive hard on their way to the dream!

With a chorus of "GIEC Dream, My Dream", the eve-party began! "GIEC dream, my dream, dancing with our youthful ambition,passionate blood, lofty sentiments, glory and dream are blooming in this journey...", this song belongs to all GIEC people and always reminds and inspires everyone to keep running and pursue their dreams bravely! The dream is in the song, and in the footsteps of the GIEC guys!

Then "Masked Singing", "Dai Dance", "VitaltyPeggy Pig Dance", "like you" and other wonderful programs were performed on the stage one by one. These programs not only lit up theenthusiasm of the scene, but also revealed the youth vitality of GIEC people,conveyed a positive vigorous power!

As this eve party was on Saturday which was also the day of February birthday party of GIEC. The HR & Admin Dept prepared a surprise for the birthday stars whose birthday is in February.  When the birthday song was flying in the audience, gathered warm wishes from GIEC family!

The much-anticipated lucky draw brought the party to aclimax, everyone was eager to see who will get the lucky lottery at the begining of 2019.

In the Dinner, all of us raise our cups, one toasted to thepast and one toasted to the future! For better future of GIEC, cheers!

"Stroke in the middle stream, the people who rushed hardwin!" In 2019, let's keep our passion, make our dreams come true with ouractions, cheer for each other, and salute the 20 years anniversary of GIEC! Strivetogether for a better future!

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